Michael Shock

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Trainer, Mentor, and Coach. Owner of SwagDog.com

Steve Bond and Trius Lending Partners' money is as good as gold! The sheer privilege of doing deals with Steve has been a true pleasure. Steve Bond and Trius Lending is a true "POWER PARTNER" of ours. Their knowledge of the market place is second to none. Their rates are just as competitive as any other lender in the game. Plus, they have our backs through the complete lending process from start to finish. I rely on them as an advisor who always has our backs.

Joseph Brandli

Baltimore, Maryland

I have worked with Steve Bond (and Trius Lending Partners) on three projects and found him to be honest, trustworthy, and professional. Steve is a good business partner with significant knowledge in the private lending industry. He has a sharp mind to be able to evaluate projects and acts as a kind of reality check for me in my business. Not only is Steve easy to work with, but always a pleasure. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a project they are in need of funding.

Sandy and David Jackson

Washington, D.C.

You know, applying for a loan has never been an enjoyable process for us. I can think of a million other things we'd rather do. But working with you, Steve, made it so much easier. You didn't constantly nag us for document after document after document and then only to tell us that we didn't qualify for a certain amount. Been there; done that!! Thanks for having the smarts to have known what we qualified for in short order. We really appreciated that. Getting the loan for our vacation home really made a positive difference in our lifestyle!

Jeffrey Y

As a Real Estate Attorney, I can without hesitation say that Steve Bond and Trius Lending Partners are truly exceptional. A client is more than just another potential loan. Steve takes personal pride in getting to know his clients on a personal and business level which inevitably provides them with the necessary tools to become successful in their Real Estate investments. I have known Steve personally and professionally for over 20 years and I repeatedly work with the same clients of his, a testament to his creation of lasting business relationships. Steve's knowledge and years of experience undoubtedly will serve anyone who is looking for the guidance to navigate them through the lending process to the closing table.

Bryan B

I have been working with Trius Lending Partners for several years and they have funded over 10 deals for my business. Thanks to Steve and team, I could not ask for a better experience with respect to performance, communication, timeliness, and integrity. Trius Lending has been and will continue to be a vital partner in creating success for my business. I wish the rest of my supply chain and partners were as efficient and performed as well as the Trius team.


I can't say enough good things about everyone at Trius Lending Partners. When they say "Partner," they ensure that the opportunity is a sound and profitable one for all involved and, if there is an inkling that it is not, they will not support the opportunity for all the right reasons, which I highly respect. The last thing Trius Lending Partners want is for you to fail. There have been a few properties that the best answer is to not "do the deal." I appreciate their expertise, support, and as a result, Trius Lending Partners has become my only (and BEST!) lender.

Dani K

Steve and the entire Trius Lending team are worth their weight in gold. They are committed to your success and are in it for the long haul. Their experience in all areas of the investment process is unparalleled. From underwriting, construction and resale. They know the market, they understand the product. Concierge Investing at its best!

Ron M

Triuslending along with Steve Bond are a team like no others. There is no such thing as a bad loan with this group of professionals Their word is golden and payment schedules are ALWAYS on time. You can always expect a return call within hours, not days.

On a 5 star rating i give them 6.

David S

I have been doing business with Steve and Trius Lending Partners for some years and he will get things done that most lenders can't come close to. There seem to be a lot of people in the lending business trying to lure borrowers in never intending to deliver what they advertise. If Steve tells you he will get you the money at a certain rate and within a certain time frame (sometimes very short time frames), you can take that to the Settlement Table !!

Frank S

I have done business with Steve Bond for over 20 years. He operates his business with extreme expertise, and integrity. As an investor, I have had a very successful working relationship with Truis Lenders. I highly recommend Truis Lending Partners.

Martin H

David and Steve Bond have been knowledgable and willing to give advice/input on any number of questions throughout the lending process. They give the time, attention, and experience necessary for developing a project. It has been a personalized process with a focus on growing a sustainable relationship. Highly recommended.

Keon B

As a Hard Money Lender, Trius is as good as it gets. Closing time, Payments, Experience, Knowledge of Market, I could go on and on! Steve makes you feel like you're his only customer with his attention through every step of the Transaction. I look forward to dealing with Trius for many years.

Janice D

Steve and David Bond have been a pure pleasure to work with. I am a new investor working on my third property and they have been with me all along the way! Knowing that there are two additional experienced people who have my back is worth it's weight in gold! I plan to have a long rewarding relationship with the Bond's and Trius Lending Partners!

Bobbi W

Great experience! My first deal with Steve and the Trius Lending team, it went very smooth. The process was so quick and Steve is very knowledgeable and personable. He really takes the time to get to know you. Great Guy!

Joanne W

Working with Steve Bond and Trius Lending has renewed my belief that there truly are good, knowledgeable, trustworthy people involved in real estate investing. Steve has always been there during the good and the not so great times, offering advice and encouragement along the way!! As Tina Turner would say" Simply the Best!

Hebert L

Trius Lending Partners are truly partners when it comes to investing in real estate. They are very responsive and quick to answers any concerns you may have. I have done 3 deals with these guys and all 3 deals have been smooth from start to finish. I recommended them to anyone looking to leverage and grow their business. These guys are truly a cut above the rest of the business. Thank you!

Kash A.

Trius Lending Partners were great to work with! My husband and I found the process simple and efficient, and we appreciated that David and Steve analyzed our loan request using a common sense approach. The process was fast, fair and painless, and we would highly recommend Trius Lending Partners- you will not be disappointed. David and Steve run a solid business, and we look forward to working with them on our next project."

David H.

Excellent group of gentleman that have there business squared away. Trius Lending helped me out with purchasing an investment property in Baltimore City. Although it wasn't the biggest loan they took time to give me the opportunity so everyone could make money. Thanks a lot, I look forward to working with you guys on the next one.

Al D.

I've been using hard money for 20 years and find Trius Lending Partners to be one of the easiest and nicest to work with, cant see why anyone would use another lender

Sean F.

Working with David and Steve Bonds has been a pleasure. They work with me so I can close on time and get my project underway. I look forward to having a great relationship going forward with them

Jenny R.

As a real estate investor was more than a pleasure to work with a very high experienced and professional lender , making me feel super comfortable and confident. Thanks a lot Mr Bond.

Pam C.

Steve Bond was willing to work with me when I was doing my first solo investment. The terms were and are straightforward and payments from the escrow were timely. Easy to discuss properties and quick settlements are a plus, too! Trius Lending is worth a look if you want to work with some good guys who have been in the business a long time.

Alexis H.

Trius Lending Partners are great, they come out with you and help make sure the work is done correctly. I really appreciate them giving me the opportunity to prove myself in the real estate business, by me being so young and this being my first deal they took on a lot of risk. Thank you for going through this process with me.

David F.

Josh Shein and Steve Bond have been great to work with! They are personable and treated me with respect. Closing for me was fast and orderly. They are responsive and answer questions without over promising. Josh coached me at every step of the way during the process, even kept me from losing a lot of money due to fraud. I plan to do more business with this team. Great Job!

A Vision

Josh Shein was awesome with helping us close on our most recent house purchase. We had a situation where we were possibly going to lose the house we were purchasing due to the contract expiring on the day of closing. We were trying to extend the contract with the seller but they seemed reluctant so we decided we were going to try and close on the original close date but there was still a lot to do between the lender and title company. Josh worked extremely hard with us and the title company on a moments notice to make the deal happen. I send out a big thank you to Josh Shein and Trius Lending Partners. If it wasn't for them our deal would have never happened. I strongly recommend them.

Marc Rollins

Josh and Steve are great to work with. Looking forward to doing more business with them in the future!

Ryan D.

Josh, David, and Steve are life savers. Everything that that you have read in previous 5 star reviews is accurate. From the very beginning, they have been very helpful and responsive. I highly recommend using this Hard Money Lender especially if it's your first investment property. They will help you every step of the way! We all win in the end!

Blake H.

As a lender in the residential space I appreciate customer service and a honest business practices. Josh and his team truly offer this. They completed a transaction for a referral partner of mine who was down and out from another investment lender. Josh took the phone call on a Wednesday evening and the customer closed in three business days. They treat their clients like family which is hard to find in our industry.

Damarn C.

The level of professionalism and integrity is unmatched. I sat down with Josh and we went over some numbers and he throughly weighed the pros and cons of the property. He didn't try to oversell me, he just gave me the facts I appreciate the commitment from the company and would definitely recommend any potential investor to work with Trius Lending Partners.

Micah B.

Josh and David came to the rescue after my original lenders drastically changed my pricing three days before closing. These guys were amazing to work with! We all worked overtime to expedite the approvals, and they were able to get me to the closing table on time! I can't wait to do more deals with them!

Dara J.

Trius Lending Partners Saved the Day!! I am a realtor in the Baltimore Area, and I have never encountered a lender who could come in and save a seemingly dead deal, and within 48 HOURS! My clients are happy and so am I! I will gladly refer this group to every investor that I know! Thank you Josh Stein, your professionalism is unmatched! Bravo!

Souleymane S.

Fast, honest, dependable, and Excellent customer service!

Mandy H

We absolutely love working with this team of intelligent lenders. We are looking forward to working with them again! Our experience was efficient, professional and personable, and we appreciate that in our working relationships. They are everything you wan in a lender!

Christopher H.

Professional, very friendly Group that met my needs in a timely fashion. I would recommend and definitely use again!! Thanks Gents!

Kevin S.

My experience with Truis Lending has been great !! Fair, Accountable, and Equitable. GO STEVE JOSH AND ROB

Jerry D.

Trius Lending Partners combines exceptional business ethics with an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Hard Money, Private, Bridge and Gap Loan Lending. They know and understand their market and Client's needs and are positioned to be agile, timely and responsive to each situation. The company's extensive understanding of this business area is reflected in its comprehensive and responsive "due diligence" approach applied across each business opportunity, the individuals involved, and considers any specific circumstances or constraints. This approach helps the company identify potential business risks or anticipate unexpected issues. It allows them to advise their Clients on appropriate measures to help mitigate these risks and significantly improve the chances for a successful business venture. Trius Lending Partners' Founder, Steve Bond, applies his own high personal standards for "Professionalism, Integrity, Trust, Honesty, Communication and Respect," across all company business practices and expects the same from his staff. All Clients are treated with the utmost respect and each experience is designed to be friendly, personable and responsive. This has certainly been our experience and the feedback we've received from other Clients. Steve believes that such characteristic standards are paramount to the company's continued success. I completely agree and see this belief reflected, first hand, in the company's repeat business with the same Clients. David Bond carries forth this legacy leveraging his extensive Client Relationship and Management experience in his dealings with perspective Clients. David can quickly identify a Client's needs, analyze the opportunity and help foster a positive relationship. Josh Shein is a true "force multiplier," whose extensive knowledge and experience in real estate, brings immeasurable value across all aspects of the company's business, clients and opportunities. Josh's support proved invaluable in a recent Non-Traditional Retirement Investment. Our company has successfully completed numerous opportunities with Trius Lending Partners over the last 10 years. We have been through the complete business cycle of these deals and have experienced, first hand, some of the unexpected problems and issues that can arise. Throughout each of these deals, Steve Bond has been open, honest and trusting, and always prepared with a resolution. Steve, as some have said, "has had our backs." This is why we've enjoyed so much success and will continue to engage, expand and build on this relationship in the years to come. If you or someone you know is considering engaging in a partnership for similar services offered, I would strongly recommend that you include Trius Lending Partners as part of your own "due diligence" efforts.

Charles P.

As a new Real Estate Investor the Trius team was amazing to work with. I had endless questions and concerns and they were always there to answer them. The knowledge, service and experience that they provide was amazing. Even when I was having trouble closing with the bank Steve and the Trius team was right there to help. As a rookie investor I would HIGLY recommend. I am now eagerly looking to do the next deal and the Trius team will be my choice as a partner in that investments and many more in the future.

Daniel S.

Very diligent, fast, and great customer service. Closed sooner than expected for our investment property! Held our hand through each step of the way! Very satisfied

Nazrul I.

It was great experience. Fast & easy."

Ray B.

Trius Lending Partners gave me an opportunity to live out a goal of mine, by flipping my first home. If you all are looking for someone to partner with it has to Trius lending. The team was hands on with every step i took. I appreciate there honesty and up front advice. It means a lot to me and my family. Thank you to the Trius Lending Team.

Patrick B.

Trius Lending Partners were great to work with. They explained everything as we went through the lending process and made sure that we were covered in the long run. They are a for profit company but do all they can to ensure that you make money also. And no question is too big or small for them.

Garrett P.

I first found Trius Lending Partners through bigger pockets. I took my time especially since this was the first time using a hard money lender. When i say they exceeded my expectations, i mean it. They have been in constant and immediate communication with me, and have helped me every step of the way. I look forward to using thing for more deals int he future. Thanks for everything Guys!

Keith H.

These guys are top notch. Family owned both Steven and David are industry experts and I couldn't ask for a better financial partner. They operate with full transparency. I am in the same line of work ( real estate financing ) and I go to them over utilizing my own company!

MG Transport

I can't say enough good things about everyone at Trius Lending Partners. When they say "Partner," they ensure that the opportunity is a sound and profitable one for all involved and, if there is an inkling that it is not, they will not support the opportunity for all the right reasons, which I highly respect. The last thing Trius Lending Partners want is for you to fail. I appreciate their expertise, support, and as a result, Trius Lending Partners has become my only (and BEST!) lender. Plus Steve is funny as hell.

Mitch L.

I was referred to Trius Lending from a real estate investor friend and I couldn't be happier. The professionalism has been great and the phones are answered be some familiar with me. I would certainly recommend others to use their services. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with TLP.

Courtney R.

David, Josh, and Steve are absolutely amazing! It is great to find folks with such depth and wealth of resources along with a high degree of integrity! As a new investor they have helped me avoid costly mistakes and I feel set up to grow! Thanks TRIUS!!!!

Thomas H.

I've been working with Trius for almost two years. They are a top notch outfit. Their professionalism, transparency, and integrity are excellent. I would gladly recommend them for any lending needs in the Baltimore/Washington metro area. The service and response I have experienced with these guys is above average and they have treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy. All of my interactions with them have demonstrated to me that they are truly interested in assisting my company in successful completion of my projects.

Dwayne A.

David, Steve and Josh are an absolute pleasure to work with. Their industry experience, willingness to go the extra mile and ongoing support has been a godsend. We contacted them 48 hours prior to having to close and they immediately mobilized and got the us to the closing table. Happy to have them as partners. Dwayne Alleyne Owner of Nambili Homes