Michael Shock

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Trainer, Mentor, and Coach. Owner of SwagDog.com

Steve Bond and Trius Lending Partners' money is as good as gold! The sheer privilege of doing deals with Steve has been a true pleasure. Steve Bond and Trius Lending is a true "POWER PARTNER" of ours. Their knowledge of the market place is second to none. Their rates are just as competitive as any other lender in the game. Plus, they have our backs through the complete lending process from start to finish. I rely on them as an advisor who always has our backs.

Joseph Brandli

Baltimore, Maryland

I have worked with Steve Bond (and Trius Lending Partners) on three projects and found him to be honest, trustworthy, and professional. Steve is a good business partner with significant knowledge in the private lending industry. He has a sharp mind to be able to evaluate projects and acts as a kind of reality check for me in my business. Not only is Steve easy to work with, but always a pleasure. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a project they are in need of funding.

Sandy and David Jackson

Washington, D.C.

You know, applying for a loan has never been an enjoyable process for us. I can think of a million other things we'd rather do. But working with you, Steve, made it so much easier. You didn't constantly nag us for document after document after document and then only to tell us that we didn't qualify for a certain amount. Been there; done that!! Thanks for having the smarts to have known what we qualified for in short order. We really appreciated that. Getting the loan for our vacation home really made a positive difference in our lifestyle!