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We Offer Real Estate Investment and Commercial Loans in Maryland & the Mid-Atlantic

When you need hard money lending for a fast real estate transaction, Trius Lending Partners meets the needs of investors, small business owners and contractors. We offer quick, easy financing options to help you solidify your real estate endeavors.

We offer funding for:

New construction | Property flipping | Real estate investments| Bridge & gap funding

Whether you're buying a rental property, rehab financing, or planning to fix and flip, Trius Lending Partners can fund your real estate project. Call 443-898-4090 or email today to schedule an appointment to start the pre-qualification process in the Maryland area including the Mid-Atlantic.

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1,000 Loans & Counting

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Trius on The Weekend: Hard Money Lending and 30-Year Loans

Trius on The Weekend: Hard Money Lending and 30-Year Loans

Learn from our experts and get your questions answered!

Join our team for a discussion about leveraging hard money loans in the greater Baltimore area and converting your short-term loans into 30-year rental loans.

Fast Approvals & Quick Turnaround Times on Our Real Estate Investment Loans

When it comes to property flipping, most investors are looking for quick, efficient approvals on funding that's tailored to your specific needs and financial track record. Our clients include property investors, rehab investors, fix-and-flip investors and real estate people who are hoping to rent or sell the property. We don't compete with typical mortgage brokers in that we focus on hard money lending. Contact Trius Lending Partners to get efficient approval and funding tailored for the loan you want in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic.

We Close Quickly on Maryland & the Mid-Atlantic Investment Property Loans

One benefit of working with us is that we don't have as many requirements on our approval process. That helps us close loans in as few as 5 to 10 days. Our loans have a full one-year term so you have time to complete and sell your project, too. Get the investment property loan you need by contacting Trius Lending Partners today.

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